The Biggest Jazz Festivals in the World

The Montreal International Jazzfestival in Quebec, Canada is the largest jazzfestival in the world. It has broken the world record, holding the Guinness World Record of 2004 as the busiest jazzfestival entertaining more than two million people. The Copenhagen Jazzy Festival is held in July every year in Denmark and has been held since 1979, making it one of the most distinguished jazz-festivals in Europe and around the world. The Clearwater JazzHoliday has also been held since 1979 in Clearwater, Florida and is a world-class four-day, four-night event held every October.

The Java JazzFestival has been held for about 10 years in Jakarta, Indonesia and takes place every March. Vinterjazz, February — Copenhagen has been home to a lively jazzy community since the 1960s and its jazzfestival has been held every summer since 1979. The Cork Guinness Jazzy Festival is held every October and features some of the world's best-loved jazzy musicians. The Montreux Festival is one of the best-known festivals in Switzerland and focuses on the jazz-genre. The Blue Note is a legendary jazzclub run by Danny Bensusan, who is largely credited with reviving the New York City jazzy scene.

The Panama JazzFestival is held at the end of August and features improvisation sessions, master classes, gala nights, music therapy, concerts, a cultural symposium and more. The Lucia Jazz&Art Festival is held in May and features performances at each of the events of D. The Berlin Jazzfest is one of the oldest and most prestigious jazz-festivals in Europe and continues to gather to play at the festival for more than 50 years. The Montréal International JazzFestival was founded in 1979 by Alain Simard and continues to be a major attraction for local jazzy fans and touring musicians alike.