The 10 Biggest Music Festivals in History

The Woodstock Music Art Fair &, which took place from August 15 to 18, 1969, may be the most iconic music festival in history. It was a defining moment in the history of music and pop culture, becoming a symbol of the hippie movement of the 1960s. But what are the biggest music festivals in the world? The average attendance at a music festival is 100,000 attendees, however, the 10 biggest festivals in the world embarrass this number. From the New Orleans Jazz& Heritage Festival to Mawazine in Africa, here is a list of the 10 largest music festivals in history.

The New Orleans Jazz& Heritage Festival celebrates the city's vibrant history. The aptly named Pol'and'Rock Festival is a rock music festival held in Poland. By far the largest music festival in Africa, Mawazine began as a world music event before being transformed into a pop-rock festival by the personal secretary of the Moroccan king. The Essence Music Festival is also held in Louisiana.

The Newport Jazzfestival and Newport Folk Festival draw massive crowds every year. The Isle of Wight festival in 1969 was a huge event (led by Bob Dylan), but it was at Worthy Farm, Somerset, the following year that the foundations were laid for the most beloved festival on British soil. These 10 festivals are some of the most iconic and largest music festivals in history. From jazz to rock to folk, these events have attracted millions of people from all over the world and have become symbols of their respective genres.