The Benefits of Jazz Festivals Around the World

Jazz festivals are an important part of the music industry, providing a platform for creative freedom and artistic development. They also strengthen social ties and provide a cause for celebration, often having a transformative effect on their location and audience. From the Montreux Jazzfestival in Switzerland to the Eltham Jazz, Food and Wine Festival in Australia, there are many jazz festivals around the world that offer unique experiences for both musicians and audiences. The Copenhagen Jazzfestival is one of the most distinguished jazz-festivals in Europe and around the world.

Held every July since 1979, this event features a series of about 300 jazz-concerts, with jazz-for-children and jazz-poetry held in different parts of Denmark. The Clearwater JazzHoliday in Florida has also been held since 1979 and is a four-day, four-night event held every October. This event is held at Coachman Park in Clearwater and features a combination of great artists and a wide variety of jazzy styles. The Java JazzFestival has been held for about 10 years in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This event takes place every March and is considered to be the largest jazzfestival in the southern hemisphere. It features popular Indonesian jazz-artists as well as international jazz-artists such as Arturo Sandoval and Stevie Wonder. The Cape Town International Jazzfestival is held annually, every March, in South Africa. This event has been held for nineteen years and is now considered to be the largest jazz-gathering in Africa.

It has an impressive lineup that includes the best jazz-artists from around the world, as well as up-and-coming jazz-artists who are making their mark on the industry and the history of jazz. The Montreux Jazzfestival is held for two weeks every summer in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva. This event was created in 1967 by Claude Nobs and has become an essential event over the years, generating fantastic stories and legendary performances. The recording archive that tells the history of this festival is located at Stanford University. The New Orleans Jazz& Heritage Festival has been able to maintain success throughout every changing decade along the way.

While the musicians have always been some of the best and greatest of their time, this festival still maintains its local style, focusing on the native music of Louisiana and New Orleans, the city credited for creating jazzy. The biggest benefit of the Eltham JAZZ, Food and Wine Festival is that it's a free and kid-friendly event. This festival takes place every year in Australia and could take your holiday to the next level. AEG has recreated the JazzFest by slightly altering its operations to host editions in different cities around the world such as São Paulo, Detroit, Atlanta, Singapore, Monaco, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Hangzhou. And finally, for jazz-fans of the younger generation or those who enjoy the evolution of jazz—head to Berlin, Germany in May for the Berlin XJAZZ Festival.